Factors influencing different sexual desires in women and men.

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Factors influencing different sexual desires in women and men.

In addition to the general causes listed above, Factors affecting sexual desire in women and men are also different. Which can classified as follows at ufabet https://ufabet999.com


  • During menstruation

During the time that women are menstruating This is a period when hormones in the body fluctuate greatly. The increase in certain hormones therefore affects sexual feelings. 

  • During ovulation

The time when women ovulate. It is another period when hormone levels fluctuate and the body has high fertility. Therefore, it contributes to increasing desire. and increases the chance of pregnancy as well

  • The bladder is full.

When the bladder is full or the bladder is bulging. It will be when we feel very painful to urinate. This is when the clitoris, vagina, and urethra tighten and squeeze together. Therefore, it may create pressure that stimulates sexual feelings.

  • pregnancy

Pregnancy is another rhythm of life in which a woman’s hormones fluctuate all the time. May cause mood swings easily, feel hurt, sad, angry, or sometimes to stimulate desire.


  • orgasm

The study found that orgasm or masturbation in men It is one of the factors that cause sexual desire to surge higher than normal.

  • stimulation

in the everyday life of men There may be some situations that occur unintentionally. Whether it is being sarcastic on the genitals Having a hand or object collide with the genitals, touching, pulling, even just a little, can stimulate arousal.

Frequent sexual arousal Is it unusual?

Of course, everyone I have a sexual desire too. frequent arousal or more than others That doesn’t mean you’re abnormal in any way. It is normal and can happen to anyone. And it’s not shameful. Some people may have little sexual desire.

While some people have a lot desire. However, if your constant arousal affects your daily life, such as not being able to concentrate on work. Loss of personality or have problems with family relationships You should see your doctor or specialist.