Inter Milan really has the right to win the Champions League?

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Inter Milan really has the right to win the Champions League?

From the team that was originally name to be eliminated from the group stage. With the title being second only to Bayern Munich and Barcelona. But having done so, Inter Milan has already reached the final of the 2022/23 UEFA Champions League.

It’s just a matter of pondering. that after taking an impressive step. But with being “inferior to” the championship match in many dimensions, in fact, will the python really have the right to rise as a champion?

Sorry, this game sucks.

If asked what mistake AC Milan had, it would have to go back to the first game that their backs were a little weak. and unable to withstand the offensive power of the city-joining opponents in the arena

As for the second leg on Tuesday night, it should be considered that Milan fought well, put quite a bit of pressure on Inter’s defensive line, but had to admit that the decisiveness was more on Inter (and Mike Menyong made a small mistake. that the corner could not be closed, being shot by Lautaro Martinez into a narrow gap)

However, as a whole, it must point out. That between this AC and Inter pair, the latter “snake” is clear.

This pair has met quite often in recent years, with the last 7 seasons meeting 20 times in 4 competitions – Serie A, Coppa Italia, Supercoppa, UEFA Champions League.

And from the last 20 games, Milan can only defeat the opponent 3 times.

Other than that, there are 5 draws and Inter are the winning side up to 12 games together.

Or limited to a narrow circle only this season, it’s even more obvious.

  • Serie A: AC Milan win 3-2

    Supercoppa: Inter win 3-0

    Serie A: Inter win 1-0

    CL: Inter win 2-0

    CL: Inter won 1-0

Well, after allowing Milan to win first in the first league game at the beginning of the season. Then 4 more games, Inter won in a row without conceding a goal. Report from