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On the anniversary of Mikel Arteta three-year tenure as Arsenal manager (40 years. Contract until mid-2025).

Arsenal is in the process. The most “up” in many seasons They are top of the Premier League, five points clear of Manchester City. Before the World Cup finals arrive. And they are set to return to action. This coming Boxing Day, with the goal still clear to at least return to Champions League territory.

As a youngster born in San Sebastian, Arteta dreamed of playing for Real Sociedad in his homeland. But in the end, fate made him leave the team, parting with Xabi Alonso, one of his close friends. With a development move to Barcelona’s La Masia, Xavi later grew as a Real Sociedad player. However, Arteta’s career path did not. Use to reach the first team of Barcelona. He played for Paris Saint-Germain and Glasgow Rangers before a brief. Return to Real Sociedad before joining Everton. tons, followed by Arsenal. Which two clubs in England He spent around 11 years in the Premier League in total before retiring in 2016. 

However, to this day, Mikel Arteta is becoming a good young coach whose background is self-preparation. And discovered this path since still playing professional football pass the interview. Which the author does not directly translate every word. But it was partially paraphrased and re-arranged to make the information smoother.

“I think it was at the age of 26 or 27. That I became interested in this job. and began to study more As a player, we play hard. We didn’t know what would happen. it’s unpredictable But it made me feel like I wanted to do better. And that’s why I decided that I had to learn the job of coaching. And I started doing it when I played at Arsenal. Where Arsene Wenger was very supportive of me, step by step I developed myself.

Carragher asked a very interesting question. And the author believes that many people. Would want to know. whatever you work It doesn’t mean. That you want to teach it. we are students But that doesn’t mean that every student wants a teacher. The same goes from professional footballers to coaches. Must go through before being a young player to a big star and later became a coach. In his time as a senior player. What did Arteta think about playing on the pitch and how to play? or follow orders when entering the field

“I think being a professional footballer you have to respect. That aspect the concept of a team manager But we can offer our opinions to him. What do you think will help the team achieve its goals? Every coach always gives players this opportunity in this regard. 

Which I am fortunate that the manager has worked together. Try and want me to have that chance. The same way the manager looks at us and tries to give us something new. David Moyes (Everton manager) Arteta’s first manager in the Premier League) use to ask me to do things.

I had never done before. In the end I did what he taught and I became a better player. Players always need space to want to improve themselves. I moved to play in England. It is moving to a different country, different language. Having to play in an unfamiliar position. and it’s a challenge. But in terms of teamwork If the team has anything in hand, it must be managed as best as possible. Maximize the player’s potential. It may not be the desired situation.

“I have plans to work with the club at all five levels. Every level is to climb towards the goal. How can we challenge every team in the rest of the world? And we are on the path that we are moving forward.”